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Pup season is in full swing on the beaches

Pup season is formally in full swing on the beaches of West Seattle. Yesterday a pup with good body weight hauled out onto the rocks at high tide on the Elliott Bay side. The public was concerned for his safety, but it is not unusual for a seal to seem marooned when indeed they will generally return to the water when the tide returns. The pup had a little discharge from the eyes and some small cuts on the rear flippers. The pup (at left), nicknamed Rocky by a volunteer, returned to the water early evening.

Another pup hauled out this morning on an Elliott Bay beach. Tucked up against the sea wall, he was largely unnoticed as the partly sunny day drew walkers along Harbor Avenue. This pup also had good body weight with no noticeable wounds. He was quite alert and returned to the water as the tide crept closer about 4:45 this afternoon. Thanks to all the kayakers and scuba divers for being so respectful and keeping their distance. This pup, nicknamed Pebbles for his camouflage coat that matched the beach rocks, had a nice long rest on our shore as volunteers kept a collective eye on him.
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