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Koa takes a rest from stormy seas

As is not uncommon after a day or two of winds and turbulent seas, Seal Sitters dedicated hotline (206-905-7325) rang yesterday afternoon with the report of a seal on Alki Beach. First responder Lynn dashed to the scene and found a pleasantly plump (compared to our string of emaciated pups) young seal with a gorgeous dark, spotted coat. With the help of volunteer Sura and a nice young couple walking the beach, a wide perimeter was established so the pup could settle in for an extended rest. The pup was nicknamed Koa, meaning “fearless, brave or strong” in Hawaiian.

Koa was still snoozing on the beach late into the evening as volunteers bundled up against the wind and cold. The pup returned to the Sound sometime overnight. While seals can sleep in the water (coming up for air every 20 minutes or so) and often ride out storms by “bottom resting”, it is not nearly as restful (or warm) as sleeping on shore. Thanks to all the volunteers who protected Koa and to Abigail for scheduling the volunteers in shifts to do so!
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