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Spy-hoppin' seal pup

Orcas aren’t the only ones that spy-hop, as evidenced by this photo of a seal pup who has been hanging around Beach Drive. Periodically, the pup would stretch high above the water to take a look around - maybe checking to make sure there wasn’t a transient orca nearby! As you may have read on Seal Sitters’ website, resident orcas don’t eat our seals, but the transients most certainly do. The seals are smart enough to recognize the vocalizations of transients and seek safer waters and haul-outs when those orcas are in the area. This pup seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the warm sun.

Abby the ellie's back in town

Abby, the female elephant seal who was molting on a private beach in early February, is back in West Seattle. Seal Sitters received a call this afternoon from a waterfront homeowner who immediately recognized the huge seal as an elephant seal. Our first responder checked to make sure the seal had no apparent injuries and taped off a perimeter.

Neighbors are keeping a watchful eye over her and spreading the word that dogs need to be on a leash. Volunteers will be monitoring her as necessary. Abby will likely be there for a number of days, tossing sand over her body.

UPDATE: 3/12 7am
Abby was not on the beach at daybreak this morning. There were, however, a number of huge paw prints where she had been hauled out. We hope that the off leash dog was there after she returned to the water.
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