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Female California sea lion "hangs out" in Nisqually

Many thanks to Dyanna Lambourn, Marine Mammal Research Biologist for WDFW, for sharing this hilarious photo of a female California sea lion (photo at right). Typically, we have no female CA sea lions in Puget Sound as they do not migrate. However, for the past four years or so this female has called South Puget Sound her home. Dyanna writes, “I think all of you have heard me talk about an adult female CA sea lion that has made the green Nisqually buoy her residence over at least the last 4 summers. Well, over the winter the buoy was replaced by a channel marker. I resighted her up at the Toliva Schoal Red buoy earlier in June with an adult male CA and a sub-adult Steller, but had not seen her since. Well, it appears she prefers to hang out at Nisqually.”

No worries about the sea lion, who is fine - she had just climbed onto the channel marker at high tide and then rested as the tide rolled out and then back in. 
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