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Pups keep volunteers busy on beaches north

Mukilteo and Edmonds beaches have seen lots of seal pup action of late. Seal Sitters Sno-King wing looked after a pup in Mukilteo over a 4 day span. The pup (at right) got the name Teaser because he would go into the water and return a couple of hours later - of course, after volunteers had removed the tape perimeter only to have to put it up again. After three days, volunteers wisely opted to leave the tape up and Teaser did return true to form.

Volunteers monitored this alert and seemingly healthy pup who does have a small nick on his nose. Most seals in the wild have minor cuts or abrasions, so it’s not always a health concern. In fact, we have had several pups over the last few years with infected wounds (some pretty severe) that have healed with just rest and salt water.

We have reports that Edmonds has had a busy pup season thus far, too. If you see a pup on the beach along the Edmonds waterfront, please call Edmonds Seal Sitters @ 425-327-3336. Seal Sitters MMSN responds to all other beaches stretching from West Seattle to Marysville’s Kayak Point. Thanks to all the Sno-King and Edmonds SS volunteers who are doing such a great job protecting the pups and educating the public, including the concerned young woman who was way too close to Teaser with her leashed dog.
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