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News links for sea lion shootings

We are providing links to all news stories posted regarding the sea lion and seal shootings in Puget Sound. Links will be updated as new stories emerge.

There are some inaccuracies in the stories reported by media. One important point to correct is the statement that we have had “only three seals” show up dead since 2007. Quite the contrary, we have had a number of harbor seals (adults and pups) over the past several years that have died from “natural” causes ~ including parasites and viruses. In the fall of 2007, a dead California sea lion came ashore at Don Armeni boat ramp where a necropsy was performed and a bullet recovered. In October of 2008, we also had a dead sea lion on a private beach that was not necropsied. SS photographed and marked the animal. The sea lion went out with the tide and eventually appeared in late November on the north stretch of Alki Beach where he was buried with a backhoe.

Additionally, the photo by a citizen of a sea lion wedged in the rocks near Cormorant Cove has been positively identified by photo comparison. It is the second CA sea lion necropsied late in the afternoon on the 11th.

KOMO 4 News story                   KOMO 4 video

KIRO 7 News story                     KIRO 7 video

KING 5 story and video             CTV News (Canada)

Newspapers and Web blogs
West Seattle Blog, Seattle Times, Associated Press, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle
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