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Beaver creates a stir onshore

A beaver was onshore at Jack Block Park yesterday, creating a bit of a stir as concerned onlookers worried that he might be injured. Beavers are not marine mammals and therefore do not fall under the jurisdiction of NOAA and the marine mammal stranding network. Beavers and river otters are under the jurisdiction of WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. However, Seal Sitters was on the scene and observed the animal for some time and did not see any unusual behavior. It was low tide and the beaver appeared to searching the rocks for food, ambling about with the characteristic flat tail. The police officer on the scene had called Sarvey Wildlife before our volunteers arrived. Sarvey, however, determined as well from the officer’s description of the animal’s behavior that it appeared to be in no distress and did not make the long drive from the Everett area. There have been rumors since then of the reappearance of the beaver, however, there are also river otters who often frequent this beach. Beavers do make their homes in rivers and estuaries and are an essential player in our woodland ecosystem. Two years ago, a beaver was found dead on the sandy stretch of Alki Beach. Should you spot any mammal (or sea bird) in distress on the beach, please call us and we will contact the appropriate agencies.
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