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Seal on the beach? Who to call

It is normal for a seal pup to be on the beach alone to rest and warm up. However, if you see a pup (or other marine mammal) on any beach in West Seattle (including Brace Point, south of the Fauntleroy ferry dock) and the Duwamish River, please call the Seal Sitters Hotline @ 206-905-7325. Be as precise as possible with a location - street address, cross street or any identifying landmark. We do not have hotline volunteers available to answer calls after 8pm. Please leave a message with exact information about the location, species of the animal, whether it is dead or alive and include your name and phone number. If you leave a call at night, a responder will search for the seal at first light the following morning.

For all other beaches in Washington and Oregon, call the
NOAA Stranding Hotline @ 1-800-853-1964 to report the location of the animal. To find the stranding network in your area, click here to view maps listing all networks in the states of Washington and Oregon.

If you see a marine mammal being harrassed or injured it is a 
matter for law enforcement. Call the NOAA Enforcement Hotline @ 1-800-853-1964 (monitored 24 hrs a day) and tell them an animal is being harmed. If the animal or the public is in imminent danger, CALL 911. NOAA Enforcement is not an immediate response team, as there are limited officers in the Pacific Northwest. However, the line is answered 24 hours a day and a harassment should be reported to them immediately. They are an investigative unit and will fine and prosecute violators of the Marine Mammal Protection Act  with the proper evidence: violator’s name, photo, or auto license plate number. Do not put yourself at risk to obtain this information. If you need a law enforcement presence because the public or animal is in imminent danger, call 911. After calling the police, please also call SS Hotline if the seal is on any beach from West Seattle to Kayak Point.

To learn more about the NW Marine Mammal Stranding Network,
visit our website.

Kitsap, Pierce, S. King, E. Mason, Outer Coast/Gray’s Harbor/N. Pacific Counties
     call WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife Marine Mammal Investigations @ 253-589-7235 (if no answer press #2)

Central Puget Sound (Whidbey Island, Camano Island, Skagit and N. Snohomish Counties:
     call 1-866-ORCANET (672-2638)

For detailed maps outlining who to call in your area, please download the following NOAA Stranding Network maps:
NW Marine Mammal Stranding Network for Puget Sound
NW Marine Mammal Stranding Network for Washington
NW Marine Mammal Stranding Network for Oregon

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